Equipment List

Many prospective students ask: “What equipment do I need?” Here is a list ::

UNIFORM :: (Black)iai_uniform



KAKU OBI ::kaku_obi_640



KASHIMA-RYU BOKKEN :: (Straight)kashima_bokken







SHOTO/KODACHI ::1377318_799399576783062_6052444663264968807_n

The kodachi shown here was cut from a Kashima Ryu bokken.

It has on it a small-sized leather tsuba.

LEATHER TSUBA :: (If you value your knuckles, you shall buy these…)

Mr. Creger is a student at Big Tony’s dojo. Ask for large-tsubas for bokken and small-tsubas for kodachi.

Creger Custom Leather

364 S. Tustin Street, Orange, California 92866


IAITO :: [Blunted-Edge Practice Blade – Inquire with Instructor before purchase]iaito


GEKKEN :: [Hand-made by Nihonzashi]helmet