New Students

This is a very difficult practice to begin and commit to in this modern world.

It takes a great deal of effort to train new students. Thus, we are not interested in people “trying it out.” People that understand what this discipline is about will want to join and commit. That is what we are interested in.

If you have many other commitments, hobbies, or obligations that take a considerable amount of your time and energy, it is seriously doubtful that will be able to make progress on this path. Many people we meet are simply doing too many other things to commit time to practicing.

One also needs to acquire equipment which takes a certain level of financial resources. It is quite difficult to practice a sword-art without a suitable sword and other equipment.

One must also have adequate transportation to be able to train with our group.

These things may seem obvious to the reader, but we encounter the same difficulties over and over with new students.