Our Dojo / Group

Mugai Ryu Iaihyodo is a classical, or ‘koryu’, style of Japanese swordsmanship – it is also referred to as Iaido or Iaijutsu.

Our curriculum includes the following:

Kata :: Seated, standing, and running forms, practiced solo/individually.
Kenjutsu / Kumitachi :: Paired forms using wooden bokken, using both long and short swords.
Tameshigiri / Shizan :: Cutting tatami (grass-mat) targets with live blades.
Gekken :: Free-sparring with dense-padded weapons/helmets.

It is our belief that these aspects are needed to produce a well-rounded swordsman.

Our dojo resides in downtown Winchester, Kentucky. It is in what would be considered the Lexington area for those outside of the locale.